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Company Profile

Founded in 1988 in Changhua County, Taiwan by Ray Chen (who is now our general manager), Chuan Wei Metal Co., Ltd. excels in making and exporting metal products.

Though in the beginning, our firm was just a small, home-based factory, we learned exactly how important design, innovation, production, product quality and customer satisfaction are. After years of effort in the industry, we’ve earned both domestic and overseas customers’ trust and a solid reputation for our excellent achievements in R&D, production process innovation, superior product quality, and quick after-sales service.

To meet customers’ demands for increased product volumes, we will continue to expand our production equipment and enhance our production capacities.

Production equipment and production capacity

We have advanced, sophisticated production machinery and inspection equipment to fully meet customers’ requirements. Examination and calibration on machinery and instruments are conducted regularly.

We believe we can also satisfy our new customers’ needs every time, no matter if they’re in new product development or secondary modification of our products. We also have additional capital ready for increasing our production capacity as well as purchasing new equipment and recruiting, whenever needed.

Company Information

Year Established: 1988
Production Mode: OEM, ODM
Export Market: North America
Brand Name: CW-METAL
Business Type: Manufacturer
Approvals/Certifications: ISO-9001 NSF-ISR